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Common real estate disputes after you buy property

Last week, we discussed some steps you might take if you find yourself involved in a commercial real estate dispute. But what if your dispute is related to your residence -- and has nothing to do with the buying and selling of property? Some of the most common real estate disputes arise between neighbors.

Seeking your own legal advice before signing contracts

Contracts, whether in a business, employment or service-related environment, should be taken very seriously. A contract lays out exactly what your expectations and responsibilities are in connection with an agreement, and too many people sign these documents without reading and understanding them fully. In doing so, you could agree to something you aren't prepared to handle or accept a service that doesn't meet your needs.

Even nature can lead to real estate disputes

When you buy a home, you probably don't plan on getting into a dispute over your real estate purchase. But reasons for a legal dispute can arise from surprising circumstances. When talking about real estate disputes, most Canadians likely think about disputes that might arise between buyers and sellers of property -- and those certainly do require appropriate legal actions to protect your interests. Sometimes, though, disputes come from nature itself.

Real estate disputes can begin in the sales process

Real estate transactions come with plenty of areas where misunderstandings and disputes can arise. Even before the sale is completed, disputes might occur; if disputes don't come to the forefront during the transactions, seeds for a later dispute might have been unknowingly planted. Understanding Canadian and local real estate law and working closely with all parties in a transaction to ensure communications are clear are two ways to reduce the chance of real estate disputes.

How do easements affect my property rights?

When you buy property, you expect to have full use of the property in any lawful manner. There is one aspect of property usage that you need to consider when you are looking into purchasing property or if you have already purchased the property. That aspect is an easement.

New strategy coming to condominium disputes

Condominiums are fairly popular in Ontario, with around 1.3 million people living in condos. When disputes arise regarding these condos, the process can be long, complicated and expensive. That's something that new proposed legislation may be able to change, streamlining the process and making it cheaper for all involved.

Obligations of Ontario commercial tenants and landlords

It's important to note that commercial landlords and commercial tenants have obligations under the law that must be upheld. When disputes spring up, it is often because one of these obligations is not being honored by one party or the other.

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