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December 2015 Archives

Seeking your own legal advice before signing contracts

Contracts, whether in a business, employment or service-related environment, should be taken very seriously. A contract lays out exactly what your expectations and responsibilities are in connection with an agreement, and too many people sign these documents without reading and understanding them fully. In doing so, you could agree to something you aren't prepared to handle or accept a service that doesn't meet your needs.

4 easy tips to pay off your mortgage faster

A mortgage is a big financial commitment with a monthly payment that is usually a large percent of a family's income. What could you do with that extra income if you didn't have to pay the mortgage every month? Answers generally range from savings to vacations. If you're looking to get ahead on your mortgage, here are four tips that are easy to integrate into financial plans.

Even nature can lead to real estate disputes

When you buy a home, you probably don't plan on getting into a dispute over your real estate purchase. But reasons for a legal dispute can arise from surprising circumstances. When talking about real estate disputes, most Canadians likely think about disputes that might arise between buyers and sellers of property -- and those certainly do require appropriate legal actions to protect your interests. Sometimes, though, disputes come from nature itself.

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