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What steps should be taken after commercial real estate disputes?

Commercial leases can be complex, and they come with a lot of information that isn't typically included in residential leases. Most businessmen and women have dealt with contracts enough to understand how serious mistakes can become, so they know it's important to vet leases thoroughly before signing them. If you don't understand the language in a lease you are responsible for signing, seeking third-party, professional advice can be helpful.

Planning a commercial real estate purchase

Buying a piece of commercial property should never be a spontaneous decision. Some experts say you should plan at least six months before making a purchase, but you can't always do that if a great deal comes up at an opportune time. Even during a rush to purchase, you can do some research and ask the right questions.

Ontario denies request for real estate investigation

One city in the province of Ontario requested an investigation by the Attorney General into what the city alleged were dubious real estate dealings. The request to the AG noted that the city felt some real estate transactions involved misconduct by those planning, making approvals and procuring real estate. The city is not without future assistance in the matter, however, especially given some new legislation.

Find out about zoning, land use and easements before purchase

In our previous blog post, we discussed the case of the gravel pit company that was requesting a rezoning so they could use land purchased to extract aggregate. The rezoning request is going before the Ontario Municipal Board for consideration. Some parties are speaking out against the rezoning because of safety concerns. That case brings up the importance of checking out zoning and land use stipulations when you purchase real estate.

Rezoning request has some ratepayers concerned about safety

Zoning requests by businesses sometimes cause problems with ratepayers and ratepayer organizations. The recent request by Arbour Farms to rezone land located on Airport Road in Mulmur is causing an uproar that was made apparent at a recent hearing.

Real estate deal might bring law school to downtown Windsor

The University of Windsor Faculty of Law might be moving into the downtown area if a deal that is proposed is finalized. The deal would involve the City of Windsor purchasing the Paul Martin Building for $1 from the federal government. While that might seem like an amazing deal for the university, some considerations still remain.

Read commercial lease agreements very carefully before signing

Finding a suitable location for your business can sometimes be difficult. If you have found a location that suits the business' needs, you may have to sign a lease for the location. It is vital that you fully understand the terms of the lease before you sign anything. There are a few points you should consider as you try to decide if you should sign a lease or not.

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