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August 2015 Archives

Electronic signatures simplify real estate transactions

Completing a real estate transaction usually involves a lot of signatures. Over the course of a real estate transaction, the documents that are signed go through a lot of steps to get from the start to the finish. This can involve emailing, faxing and scanning documents several times. The entire process can take a long time, but the introduction of electronic signatures stands to make the process faster.

Protect your interests during real estate transactions

Real estate transactions are some of the largest transactions a person will make during his or her life. Even though these are some major decisions, the process for completing them is getting a little easier. Just last week, we discussed how Ontario is allowing electronic signatures for some real estate transaction documents.

Find out about zoning, land use and easements before purchase

In our previous blog post, we discussed the case of the gravel pit company that was requesting a rezoning so they could use land purchased to extract aggregate. The rezoning request is going before the Ontario Municipal Board for consideration. Some parties are speaking out against the rezoning because of safety concerns. That case brings up the importance of checking out zoning and land use stipulations when you purchase real estate.

Rezoning request has some ratepayers concerned about safety

Zoning requests by businesses sometimes cause problems with ratepayers and ratepayer organizations. The recent request by Arbour Farms to rezone land located on Airport Road in Mulmur is causing an uproar that was made apparent at a recent hearing.

What are official plans and zoning by-laws?

In the past two posts, we have discussed land use issues and zoning for properties. These are two very important considerations for anyone who is purchasing land. It is vitally important that anyone who is considering purchasing land understand how zoning and land use might affect the land they are considering. In some cases, these points might make land unusable for the purpose for which you intend to use it.

Real estate deal might bring law school to downtown Windsor

The University of Windsor Faculty of Law might be moving into the downtown area if a deal that is proposed is finalized. The deal would involve the City of Windsor purchasing the Paul Martin Building for $1 from the federal government. While that might seem like an amazing deal for the university, some considerations still remain.

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