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Even nature can lead to real estate disputes

When you buy a home, you probably don't plan on getting into a dispute over your real estate purchase. But reasons for a legal dispute can arise from surprising circumstances. When talking about real estate disputes, most Canadians likely think about disputes that might arise between buyers and sellers of property -- and those certainly do require appropriate legal actions to protect your interests. Sometimes, though, disputes come from nature itself.

One thing that can spark a surprising number of real estate disputes is a tree. The entire tree, or part of the tree, might fall from one person's property to another's, causing damage. A dispute might arise about who is responsible for the damage. A tree growing in one person's yard might infringe upon the yard of a neighbor, causing a dispute about whether the tree should be torn down. The tree might cause a problem with an entrance or exit to someone's property, or the tree's branches might become a nuisance against a building on a neighboring property. These all might seem like small concerns, but they can become larger legal issues if neighbors are unable to come to agreements.

Trees are just one of the many things that can result in a real estate dispute. Other issues that might create disputes between you and neighbors, agencies, sellers or other people include issues related to zoning or permits, insurance issues and disagreements over boundaries or fence lines.

No matter what sparked a disagreement, as a property owner, you do have legal rights. Understanding how to protect those rights and what your options are legally is important to ensuring a real estate dispute doesn't turn into a more expensive or lengthier legal issue. Our firm works with you to assess the situation and offers options for possible solutions.

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