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Seeking your own legal advice before signing contracts

Contracts, whether in a business, employment or service-related environment, should be taken very seriously. A contract lays out exactly what your expectations and responsibilities are in connection with an agreement, and too many people sign these documents without reading and understanding them fully. In doing so, you could agree to something you aren't prepared to handle or accept a service that doesn't meet your needs.

Today, we sign so many agreements because of digital media and computer services, and putting our name on a piece of paper or clicking a digital signature button seems like no big deal. It has, in fact, become a running joke that no one reads the Apple or the Facebook terms of service before agreeing. While you might get away with signing Apple's TOS without reading it, you simply can't do the same with legal contracts that deal with business agreements, home purchases or other major relationships.

But contracts are filled with legal speak, and they tend to be long and detailed. It's easy to get glossy-eyed when reading such a document, and most people outside of the legal profession struggle to understand exactly what a contract says. That's where we come in: Our firm offers independent legal advice.

We review contracts and other documents, providing you with easy-to-understand explanations of the content and help you ensure the document isn't missing important information. Our goal is to educate and protect you, ensuring that you sign a document only after you fully understand the ramifications of the agreement and that you are signing without any undue influence from another party.

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