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January 2016 Archives

3 types of mortgages in Canada

Did you know that there are different types of mortgages? The type of mortgage you choose depends on your credit situation, your goals and needs at the time you borrow and the lender you work with. Three of types of mortgages we'll discuss in this post are closed mortgages, open mortgages and convertible mortgages.

Common real estate disputes after you buy property

Last week, we discussed some steps you might take if you find yourself involved in a commercial real estate dispute. But what if your dispute is related to your residence -- and has nothing to do with the buying and selling of property? Some of the most common real estate disputes arise between neighbors.

What steps should be taken after commercial real estate disputes?

Commercial leases can be complex, and they come with a lot of information that isn't typically included in residential leases. Most businessmen and women have dealt with contracts enough to understand how serious mistakes can become, so they know it's important to vet leases thoroughly before signing them. If you don't understand the language in a lease you are responsible for signing, seeking third-party, professional advice can be helpful.

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