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Ontario denies request for real estate investigation

One city in the province of Ontario requested an investigation by the Attorney General into what the city alleged were dubious real estate dealings. The request to the AG noted that the city felt some real estate transactions involved misconduct by those planning, making approvals and procuring real estate. The city is not without future assistance in the matter, however, especially given some new legislation.

The Attorney General's office sent a letter to the city council apologizing for a delay in response and explaining why the office would not be launching an investigation. The letter included a suggestion that the city request assistance from the Office of the Ombudsman. That office is set to have expanded authority in real estate matters beginning on Jan. 1, 2016 due to new legislation that passed this year.

The city reportedly requested further investigation after one report cleared certain individuals of any wrongdoing. Some city officials believe the report was not thorough or was manipulated to "whitewash" issues. The city does plan to seek assistance from the Ombudsman in 2016, said a spokesperson.

Real estate transactions are governed by a number of laws in Canada. Laws protect both sides of a transaction, but they also protect localities, agencies and other entities around the property being bought or sold. Understanding how laws come into play is essential to a legally binding real estate transaction.

When facing commercial real estate disputes, whether you have been accused of an improper transaction or you are fighting a transaction, it helps to understand the complexities of the law. Seeking assistance from an experienced and educated professional can help you manage your interests in such a dispute.

Source: Brampton Guardian, "Province will not launch inquiry into Brampton real estate deals," accessed Oct. 02, 2015

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