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A few weeks ago, we talked about how electronic document signing is making it easier for real estate buyers and sellers. While it's true that avoiding a mountain of hard copy paperwork does make real estate transactions more efficient, it's also true that those transactions are not what most people would call easy or simple.

Last week, we talked about the difference between fixed and variable mortgages. That discussion entailed thoughts about interest rates and terms -- just two of the considerations someone must pay attention to when buying or selling property. In addition to the mortgage-related concerns, you could have concerns about the state of the property, the rights you are purchasing to the property or issues with neighbors or others regarding the property.

For example, did you know when you purchase a property, you might not be purchasing the rights to anything located in the ground beneath the property? If you purchase a property that doesn't have direct access to a main road, you might also have to negotiate with a neighboring property owner for access to the road. If you are buying land in a rural area, is there a chance it will be developed into a subdivision? How will that impact your property values and how do you feel about close neighbors at some point in the future? These are just a few concerns that many people might not think about before deciding to make a real estate purchase.

Our firm works to help you understand all the risks and requirements involved in a real estate transaction. We use our experience of contract and property law to ensure you are protected now and in the future whether you are buying, selling or leasing a property.

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