Toronto Lawyer For Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation happens when something has gone very wrong with your transaction or your property. It's never a positive thing.

At Yigal Rifkind, Barrister & Solicitor, we understand that and strive to make your litigation experience as painless as possible.

The best thing that you can do if you suspect you may need to get involved in real estate litigation is to see a lawyer as soon as possible. Much of this area of law hinges on strict time constraints and preserving your right to speak up for your interests.

We are willing to explore options if you come to us after closing, after the other side has tendered or after other important deadlines have passed. However, your options will be far less limited if you come to our office sooner, rather than later.

Everything That Can Go Wrong

If your purchase, sale, mortgage, construction project, lease or other real estate matter has gone wrong, we will give it our full attention and focus on finding the right solution for you. We can help you with:

  • Construction litigation: This includes everything that can go wrong during a project, including breaches of contract. Much of our work involves lien litigation.
  • Landlord and tenant matters: We can help you work to resolve matters involving rent, repairs, restrictions on the use of the property and commercial lease disputes.
  • Failure of a contract of purchase and sale: This can involve conflicts over deposits and failure to close. Whether your contract dispute involves a breach by you, the other party or both, we will carefully examine the terms and the situation and look at all of your options.

Sometimes, the best solutions are to be found in court. More often, they can be found through negotiation or mediation.

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