Construction Lien Litigation Lawyer For Toronto

Construction projects involve many groups and individuals working together for a common purpose, and large amounts of money and risk. Members of the project depend on each other to do their jobs competently and on time.

When one member of the project doesn't deliver, everyone may be affected.

Disputes may quickly turn ugly and costly, and can arise if there are:

  • Disagreements about the quality of materials or labour
  • Holdback issues
  • Delays in payment
  • Claims of breach of trust
  • Claims of breach of other terms in the construction contract

At Yigal Rifkind, Barrister & Solicitor, we represent lien claimants, owners and general contractors, and are familiar with construction disputes and the best ways to resolve them. We also defend against lien claims.

We can help you find the best option to get you back to work or minimize your losses.

When Attention To Details And Experience Matters

To enforce their rights in case of a breakdown, construction companies are protected under the Construction Lien Act. However, lien litigation is one of the most unforgiving areas of law in Canada. If you do not enforce your claim within strict time limits, following strict rules, you risk losing your right to claim.

Having a lawyer with experience in the field is essential.

There are alternatives to lien litigation, if you are unable to register or your losses are not large enough to make lien litigation feasible. We can help you decide whether to pursue:

  • Breach of trust claims: Funds received for a project are supposed to be used to pay subcontractors of the project. If any of it is spent on non-project-related activities, you may be able to get compensation.
  • Labour and material payment bonds: Large projects, especially for governments and other institutions, often require bonds with insurance companies for general contractors. A lawsuit for compensation may be possible if your project has a bond. We can help you explore this option.

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